As our corporate culture continues to evolve, GSN has adopted a purpose-driven business model. We define our purpose as creating shared value, which we consider as generating economic value in a way that also produces positive impact for the social community in which we operate.

In China, the rural population is often forced to leave their hometown and become migrant workers in far-away industrial cities to make a living. Due to their financial hardship, they have no choice but to leave their underage children behind with relatives, to take them to orphanages, or to abandon them entirely without reliable care or supervision. In addition to that the Chinese Hukou system is even prohibiting parents to resettle together with their families by denying their children access to the welfare and educational system at their urban place of work.


As a result, these so called ‘left behind children’ usually get to see their parents only once a year for a couple of days during the Chinese New Year festival. The separation from their parents leads to an alienation from these, with drastic effects: ‘left behind children’ have mostly a less pronounced self-esteem. They are more likely to suffer from psychosomatic disorders and are more likely to quit school early.

The incidence of suicide appears to be increasing from a recent study and the crime rate is 70% higher than in children who live with their parents. 61 million children in China are currently growing up separated from their

parents. We are concerned about the dramatic consequences for the psyche of these children and for Chinese society who needs to face the phenomenon of the ‘left behind children’.


At GSN, about 80% of our employees are female migrant workers between 18 and 30 years. Every second is a mother of a child below the age of 10 and has to bear living separated from it most of its childhood. The `See Your Child Program´ was introduced in 2015 and meant to make these mothers see their children on a more regular basis at affordable costs. It also addresses the common fear of migrant workers that they might lose their job, if they decided to travel home more often. 


Our program rewards parents with 2x5 days additional paid leave. This allows them to actually enjoy a couple of days at their hometown as they may have to travel up to 1,000 km just to get there. Moreover, it means that their days of absence will neither be deducted from their standard annual paid leave entitlement nor from the monthly pay. We furthermore reimburse half of their travel expenses upon their timely return. This investment reaffirms that the company approves their absence while at the same time confides in them to resume work after one week.

Employees are encouraged to apply for the program. In 2016, 67% of our employees have enjoyed the `See

Your Child Program´ and used the opportunity to see their children up to 4 times per year.





Tingyu Sun

"Through the `See your Child Program´ I  finally get enough time and money to visit my son more often, who lives with his grandparents 13 hours away by train .”

Sheng Lu

“My little girl is growing up so fast while I am always far away and busy working. Thanks to the ‘See your Child program’ I can at least afford an extra trip back home so that I will be there to celebrate her birthday with her.”

Fengyu Zhu

“My mother-in-law is taking care of my daughter at our small hometown in Shandong province. I use the ‘See your Child Program’ to have them both come and visit me here so that I can show them around the city.”

Huijuan Lin

“I decided to resume work right after my maternity leave. My  baby lives with me at the moment, so I don’t actually need the ‘See your Child Program’. However, I still enjoy the generous 15 days annual paid leave, which enable me to take a day off from work to look after my baby.”

“We are addressing two key aspects with our ‘See Your Child Program’: On the one hand, we simply hope to heal the feeling of loneliness of both, the children and the parents, by helping them to reunite more often. On the other hand, we would like to demonstrate that companies do have the power to reduce the suffering of the ‘left behind children’ while improving their employee turnover rate. It is our intention to expand the program to all our manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen in 2018.”


Bianca Stadtmüller-Schomber, CHRO GSN GROUP OF COMPANIES

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