People at GSN

”Through the “See your Child” programme I have the chance to visit my son more often"

Ms Tingyu Sun (25, married, with one 4 year old son) has worked as Lead QC in GSN’s production department since October 2013, and also carries out the role of worker’s representative.

”Through the “See your Child” programme I have the chance to visit my son more often, who lives 13 hours away with his grandparents. GSN allows me 5 additional days of paid holiday per half year for these visits and refunds me half of the travel costs. I also get 15 paid days holiday with GSN - in contrast to the Chinese standard of only 5 days paid holiday per year.

I particularly like GSN’s fair and dignified treatment of its employees as well as the non-financial benefits, for example the weekly fresh fruit, which is offered to us without charge. The working area at GSN is very clean and bright. As I work in production I really appreciate how quiet it is.

I see my professional future within GSN; currently I am working towards a promotion in the trading department.

I want GSN to keep growing and become a big and strong company. I appreciate the democratic workers’ representation system, however I hope that dealing with the different opinions of many stakeholders will not put too much pressure on the management team or affect the overall success of the company."


“Fair treatment of both other beings and nature is an essential value for humans, which should be encouraged and supported”