About GSN

GSN is a manufacturer of high-quality standard and customer-specific electronic connectors and cables.

Founded in 1999, the company is headquartered in Singapore and operates three manufacturing plants throughout China.


There are many global imbalances, social as well as environmental. We believe that the existing profit oriented world of business has the most power to create change, and therefore needs to implement it. Since 2013 we have been transforming into a new kind of socially aware business, building in value for others in a systemic level.


At GSN, we place social impact on the same level of importance as profit. GSN has pursued this idea since 2012, and we are learning a lot on the way as we transform from an old business to a very new one, taking steps to achieve both large as well as tiny changes.

Our basic system takes 100% of the dividend and shares it between 3 groups:

Our products won‘t get any more expensive. The only change is for the shareholder, who will receive less monetary dividend and more social dividend!

We are the first in the electronics industry to broaden the social changes we wish to see, we have created a blueprint for other businesses to follow, and invite you to join us. 

We will publish details of all our activities in our download center.



Below we detail how you can benefit from our six key strength. We call this the DRAGON VALUE:

Strength no. 1:   Leading cost-efficiency and speed in connector development

Our engineers based in China and Germany develop and manufacture connectors with unbeaten time-to-market speed and a high cost efficiency, providing best value in the industry.

Strength no. 2:   Powerful innovation power for our customers

We target the lowest total cost of ownership. This focuses our technical approach on the full life cycle of a product, creating innovative new solutions. In contrast to our competitors we provide such R&D innovations free of charge in nearly all circumstances.

Strength no. 3:    Automotive expertise

GSN has been supplying automotive giants for many years, and knows the industry environment and quality requirements inside-out. We are certified to TS 16949 and VDA-compliant. Additionally we offer car markers in our German market our newest qualifications procedure for our connectors and cables, the LV214. GSN products can be found in almost every major brand of car – such as BMW, Volkswagen, Ford and Porsche, to name but a few.

Strength no. 4:   Broad manufacturing capacities and a local presence

Our four factories in China provide a huge variety of innovative standard connectors as well as manufacturing capabilities for many kinds of new custom connectors. GSN has maximum in-house production depth including electro-plating, tool building, stamping and plastic mold injection and all kinds of assembly technologies. We operate project management teams around the globe, ensuring a fast, safe project communication in a language and culture you understand.  

Strength no. 5:   Quality - 100% ranking as A-grade supplier in 2014

All our processes are certified to ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, UL and OHSAS giving you peace of mind right from the outset. What’s more, rigorous quality assurance throughout all design and production stages ensures the finished products which meet the most exacting standards. In 2014, 100% of customer ratings ranked GSN as an A-grade supplier.

Strength no. 6:   First-mover in electronics: connecting social & business systemically

GSN operates under a totally new model, where we focus as intensively on our economic success as our social impact - which has even increased our competitiveness!

We invite our customers to evaluate how far cooperation with GSN brings both monetary and social benefits.